Tycho supernova is a particle accelerator

Tycho supernova remnant, a star that exploded in the constellation of Cassiopeia, whose light was first seen on Earth in 1572. Credit: NASA

A research team has discovered that the Tycho supernova is a cosmic particle accelerator that produces cosmic rays that reach us

M31 shows clear signs of galactic migration

Each point in the image represents a single star in the Andromeda Galaxy. The star's motion is color-coded from blue (moving towards us) to red (moving away from us). Credit: KPNO/NOIRLab/AURA/NSF/E. Slawik/D. de Martin/M. Zamani

An international research team has discovered clear signs of galactic migration in our neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy M31.

Mapped the Local Bubble of the Solar System

Astronomers have traced the magnetic field of the local bubble using data obtained from Planck and Gaia. In the image, the pink and purple vector lines on the surface of the bubble represent the orientation of the discovered magnetic field. Credit: Theo O'Neill / World Wide Telescope

Scientists have discovered and mapped the local bubble surrounding our Solar System, influenced by a strong magnetic field

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