Detected Magnetic Field of an Ancient Galaxy

False-color representation of the galaxy ASW0009io9 as seen by ALMA. The contours represent the polarization of light coming from dust grains aligned with the galaxy's magnetic field. Credit: <a href="" ALMA

A research team using ALMA has detected the magnetic field of the ancient galaxy ASW0009io9, which is over 11 billion years old

Bubble galaxies, fossil residue of the Big Bang

An illustration of the one-billion-light-year-wide galaxy bubble called Ho'oleilana. Next to it is the Laniakea supercluster where our Milky Way resides. Credit: Frédéric Durillon

A group of researchers has identified and three-dimensionally mapped a bubble of galaxies, Ho’oleilana, a relic of the Big Bang

Real-time death of a star

The bright and hot Wolf-Rayet star 124 (WR 124) seen by the James Webb Space Telescope. Credit: NASA

Astronomers around the world are witnessing in real time the death of a star named BELLS1 in the Triangulum galaxy

The detailed map of dark matter

Il Big Bang (a sinistra), le linee ondulate illustrano la distorsione generata dalla materia oscura. La luce deformata ricevuta dall'ACT (a destra)è stata usata per generare una nuova mappa della materia oscura.

Through the study of the cosmic microwave background radiation, ATC researchers have created a new detailed map of dark matter

Tycho supernova is a particle accelerator

Tycho supernova remnant, a star that exploded in the constellation of Cassiopeia, whose light was first seen on Earth in 1572. Credit: NASA

A research team has discovered that the Tycho supernova is a cosmic particle accelerator that produces cosmic rays that reach us

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