NASA: Artemis 2 astronauts

On April 3rd, with a global event, NASA will announce the four astronauts who will take part in the Artemis 2 mission

The NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will announce during an event, the four astronauts who will venture around the Moon on the Artemis 2 mission. Traveling aboard the Orion spacecraft, the mission will be the agency’s first crewed test flight on the path to establish a long-term scientific and human presence on the lunar surface.

Approaching Artemis 2

On Monday, April 3, from the Ellington Field at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, the names of the four astronauts who will participate in this crucial mission for the return to the Moon will be unveiled. The event will be broadcast on NASA Television of the space agency.

Artemis 2 will be the first crewed mission back to our satellite. It will also be the first test to verify our aerospace capabilities and modern technologies in deep space. All NASA systems, from the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, to the Orion spacecraft and the ground systems necessary to launch them. All component will be put under stress to complete the mission while preserving the lives of the four astronauts.

The Artemis 2 mission will last about 10 days and is essential to verify especially the life support systems of the Orion spacecraft. Its importance is such that this step will be considered the starting point to refine the necessary capabilities and techniques to live and work in space. The goal of NASA and other space agencies is to conquer the Moon with permanent bases on our satellite. Artemis 2 builds on the success of the Artemis 1 test flight. The mission launched the Orion capsule without crew, atop the SLS rocket, on a journey to and beyond the Moon.

The Artemis 2 crew will include three NASA astronauts and one CSA astronaut. This demonstrates the agency’s commitment to international partners with the Artemis space program.

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