Fake news of alien mummies in Mexico

Alien mummies presented to members of Congress in Mexico have gone around the world, but no, they are not aliens !

UFOs and aliens are once again making headlines in global newspapers. According to the Reuters agency (ref.), members of the Mexican Congress have heard testimonies about the presence of alien life on Earth. The story includes two alien mummies found in Mexico. These alleged corpses seemed to have the typical features of stereotyped alien depictions: large heads, small bodies, and three fingers.

Mussan, a well-known hoaxer

The mummified bodies were presented by Jaime Maussan, a UFO expert with a long history of hoaxes involving alleged non-human remains (ref.). Despite Maussan’s reputation as a forger of alien corpses and mummies (ref.), the story has spread across global media. It was even mentioned during NASA’s briefing on the new UAP report that took place on Thursday, September 14.

During the briefing, BBC News Digital journalist Sam Cabral asked whether NASA had been in contact with Mexican authorities regarding the alleged alien mummies in Mexico. David Spergel, the chairman of the UAP study group, responded that if there is evidence of alien remains, those in possession of them should make them available for accurate scientific study.

“When unusual things happen, you need to make the data public” Spergel stated. “I think NASA has some of the most precious samples from space (lunar rocks), what do we do? We make them available to any scientists who want to study them. We don’t know the nature of the samples that were shown to Congress” Spergel added. “If I could make a recommendation to the Mexican government, it would be to make the samples available to the global scientific community”.

Collages of human remains

Dan Evans, Assistant Vice Administrator for Research at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, chimed in to provide further insights. “The primary purpose of NASA’s UAP study team is to dispel the kind of sensationalism and pseudoscience displayed to Mexican lawmakers this week. We’re simply trying to shift the focus from speculation and conspiracies toward science and mental health” Evans added. “And you do that by showing the data, as David said. That’s the purpose of science”.

Apparently, Maussan has a history of peddling fake alien remains. Micah Hanks, editor of The Debrief and a long-time UAP researcher, says, “Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened”. In 2015, Maussan organized an event in Mexico City featuring the release of a blurry photograph depicting what appeared to be the remains of a small mummified humanoid alien (ref.).

“Once clear copies of the image were circulated online, just hours after their presentation, it was established that the image depicted historical remains belonging to a Native American child. It had even been on display for a period in a museum” Hanks said. “Some of those involved at the time issued public apologies for the misrepresentation of the child’s remains”.

It’s unclear what these “alien mummies” could be. However, an analysis of their physiology posted on social media suggests (ref.) that they were assembled from parts of various mammals. As reported by Reuters, other alleged alien corpses presented over the years by Maussan later turned out to be collages of mummified children’s remains.

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